The Book project

This project is running for 5 weeks, learning different processes of printing and book binding. Today we looked the books of artists and how they bend the rules of what a book is creating these inspiring pieces of art encapsulated within the book form.

Richard Long – River Avon book

This book has an elegant structure of recording the physical journey of the artist. both satisfying and beautiful the book contains tactility, the River Avon book from 1979 records the physical state of the river on chosen days. The pages are soaked in the river containing mud patterns and debris from the river from the hometown of Richard Long. This River which he created these pages from have his history with the city of which he was brought up in as a child embedded in it. Using this uncontrollable material of the landscape and loss of the text format within the book gives the book a different quality of recording, creating this semi destructive, stained and destroyed book.

Cai Guo Quang- “Danger Book”


This is a book created to deform the structure of the book all together. Fireworks are stitched into the book and then set on fire. As the book exploded is is made into a record of an event and is kept as evidence as a moment in time is captured physically within the book.

Tony Wilson- The Return of the Durutti Column


This book, made of sand paper that will destroy other things including books it is placed beside in a book cabinet. The sandpaper inside will rip and tear what is going on within the book, as well as hurting your hands it is a destructive book that takes on a life of its own as it harms anything that touches it.

Rachel Whiteread- Untitled (sequence III)


In creating a cast of the books to create a book shelves, this is not a book or a collection of books but is in face what was once a book as the structure of the book is left. In a way it is a non- book.

Anslem Kiefer- Constellation Book


This book is a lead, tall structure on metal. the crystallise structures are growing on the surface of each page. Sculpture like, standing alone within the space, it asks you to walk around it and explore it. The interaction of this large book like sculpture forces you to step back as it is monumental in size it dominates you as the viewer.

Noriko Ambe- Flat Tile Globe 3b


Opening each door of the file cabinet is like turning a page of a book. It is transitional as it grows into a  structure. The cutting away of hundreds of individual pages to create these cabinets creates a natural erosion effect within the pages, natural erosion is taking effect. You can see through all the cabinet which shows the depth of this structure created. The piece is clinical from the outside, however inside it is full of life with this erosion process, we can see a contrast between the cover and its content.

Noriko Amde and Ed Ruscha- Artists who make pieces, Artists who do books


Both of these artists came together to collaborate and create this book. The book with 2D pages in nature are transformed into these 3D structures with depth within. This changing the way in which a book works as it is relating to the space and depth within the book rather than the content itself.

Anthony Caro- Leaf Pool

Leaf Pool a

This is a pop up book with geometric, abstract patterns and a clip on the back of the book so you could hang it on to the wall, turning the book into a wall hanging. The powerful 3D element of this book could be seen as a structure of abstract relief, recreating what a book is.

In seeing the different ways in which books can be less restrictive and more than the definition of a book itself. This has inspired me to go out and explore different ways in which I can create a book which can be thought provoking yet interesting to explore.

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