Today we looked at a piece of work created by a PhD student, Craig Thomas called Labyrinth. We were asked to think two questions when we went into his Labyrinth made up of net curtains and a projector, projecting lines going up and down.

The questions we were asked to think about when in the space was:

  • how does it effect my body?
  • How does this make me feel?

He wanted his audience to react in a certain way and be effected a particular way, to provoke an emotion response. For me experiencing this piece it made me feel like I was sinking when the lines go up and floating when the lines go down after a while it felt like the lines were remaining stationary and that my body was elevating and sinking when in reality I wasn’t moving at all. It was hard to convince myself that my body was remaining stationary during this experience. It also made me feel a bit nauseous and dizzy, it felt like parts of my body was getting condensed and stretched out and I could feel my insides being moved and disturbed with these moving lines.

The piece overall was very powerful. The intentions of the artist was to make you more aware of your body, to feel a sense of pressure and heaviness changing to a sense of weightlessness and lightness as if floating.

Space- It gives you space to feel the weight of the world. Heavy sinking when lines go down. Some people responded differently saying that the lines going down made you feel like you were going up and the pressure was going down.

Stimulus- We can naturally orientate ourselves even with our eyes shut. The vertical lines help us naturally orientate ourselves through the world like pro-perception tells us were our hands are. The artist wanted to challenge internal systems and tap into certain emotions within his audience and I believe he has successfully done so.

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