The Unseen

How can art be used to show unseen things, and communicate unseen things?


Entopic Imagery

edvard munch disturbed vision te25These are images caused by our own body. Edvard Munch- The injured eye series. In this series of work you can see a black orb evident in the foreground this is how he saw as it was a blood clot in his retinacausing him to see this black orb with a hooked beak. The hooked beak part of the orb made the orb look crow-like however it was just the mucus in the eye that detaches  from the retina coming off the blood clot like a hook. His pieces with crayon on paper he is covering his good/ uninjured eye and looking into the mirror and recording what he seen. This is a record of entopic imagery. His artwork of this series was helpful in a medical way.

Hypnagogic Imagery

Seen by Jan Evangelista Purkyne, sensations of flying, falling, commonly visual patterns seen when you have just fallen asleep or when you have just begun to wake up or you have a knock to the head. It is not an external thing it is getting projected onto the world. Can be a part of your cultural upbringing, patterns what you are used to. Geometrical imagery is one a lot of people get no matter what culture.

pechemerleCave art- often animals with patterns on them are seen or abstract disks- Hypnagogic imagery, they can be created when rhythmic drumming occurred and drugs were taken to contact the spirits is why these type of paintings might exist. In Chauvet cave art the paintings are said to be entrails of the neither world, a path into the unknown. Artists would have been deep within these dark caves things would be seen within their minds even the way the fire moving could symbolise demons and could be reflected within their art.

Animism- Freud- Animism is the doctrine of souls and in a wider sense the doctrine of spiritual beings in general. The term “animatism” has also been used to denote the theory of the living character of what appear to us to be inanimate objects. When children were given an image of their mothers and were asked to cut the eyes out of her in the photograph most wouldn’t do it. The photograph isn’t really their mother it is just colours put on a page that is intricately positioned to create an image similar to their mother. She is not really there it is just a photograph but they feel it embodies their mothers.

9912051c72e76a8580bad0bb5452be0eDogon African masks found in Mali, West Africa. In these masks people are combined with humans. The patterns on them are patterns that have stayed within the human brain, the white dots represent power.

Madge_Gill.Madge Gill (1882-1961)- She lost her sight in one of her eyes. She says that a spirit got in contact with her. After this she made hundreds of intricate drawing as a way of contacting the spirits or beings from a higher level.

Fengyi2Guo Fengyi (1942-2010) – The Energy Channel Decomposition diagram- she had visions after meditating to cure her arthritis, she started drawing in ball point pen and dressed in red for good luck and get into a trance of meditative state and the energy flowed through her body. She often said that another being was using her body to draw.

UFO’s – There is nothing there physically but it is something the viewer sees within their heads which they project onto the world.

Carl Jung- The eyes make up things because of boredom. Pilots see UFOs because there is nothing for them to look at so their brain makes up something for them to look at and it projected onto the world.

Paul Laffoely- Thanaton III- This is a device to get you in touch with the alien life form, it is a portal to the ends of the universe.thanaton3_laffoley

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