Looking back on the subject brief and the piece I picked Rodin’s “The Clouds” and exploring how two beings can become one in this fragile moment of trust. As person as my previous work has been to me I think I could look at the human condition as a vulnerable state in many more ways than just wax and bone sculpture. I want to explore how human relationships are needed in everyday life and how loneliness can be overcome even though you can feel lonely with people all around you, how can the human form fail to trust others and something that I want to really evaluate, how can memory of past ¬†events have a control on a person creating human beings who cannot cope with things that we are meant to be easy to do.

With my work I believe memory is everything. It makes you the person you are. However some memories I have, personally have made me a more fragile and easily hurt person. I get angry at little things and when I look back on previous dairies I kept I can remember how I felt in these moments that effected who I am today. People I trusted broke my trust and left me with exposed wounds which took time to heal but never fully recovered so when someone else comes along and does the same thing the wound is easier to open and eventually becomes almost impossible to heal.

This post may seem like I am rambling on about irrelevant things but I think I should explain the thought process in my work as it is important that you can also see my work ant the reason I make them to release emotions I can’t express verbally. I feel that it is important as a viewer of my work to have your own opinion and your own emotional response to my work. I want you to be able to relate to my work and remember moments in your life were you felt bruised and torn emotionally and mentally. That feeling of emptiness that is impossible to express with words I hope my work can make a more impacting effect and to give you a sense of how that feeling looks as it has came out of me onto the sculpture or other form of artwork I have done.

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