Substance Exhibition

10850091_868506213180231_973503945698898105_nSetting up the Substance Exhibition

10846219_867563053274547_658769575881115386_n (1)A week before the substance exhibition we all got together to set up the exhibition. Ethan Dodd- the student who organised the exhibition assigned me an area in the exhibition which was dark and uninviting. The building used to be a bus ticket office and my work was to be set up in the cell of the building with a cage and a bolt to open the room. At first I was a bit upset with having my work displayed in this small cramped room with barely any light, but then I thought about belgium-pavilion-designboomBerlinde de Bruyckere’s Cripplewood installation and how the shadows within the piece created the work to be eerie and quite disturbing. After this I thought I felt that the darkness of the room would add to the quality of my work instead of hindering it.

There was a limit of plinths and there wasn’t enough for every one of my sculptures, so I decided to turn two plinths on their sides and stack them on top of each other creating a stage on which my sculptures could compliment each other.

I decided to put my Bodies of Flesh paintings above the sculptures to show the contrast between the fluidity of the paintings and the visceral quality of the sculptures. I didn’t want to frame the paintings because I don’t think they need to be embellished with a frame. I think the paintings unframed allowed them to be raw and direct as the viewer didn’t have to look through glass to see the picture, they can connect directly to the naked paintings with no barriers hindering the connection of the viewer to the paintings.

The Collaboration Piece

IMG_00e79We all decided that we should create a piece of work which was done by all of us to create a collaboration. We had this massive canvas which others painted, collaged and added textures onto. I decided as it had a resonating theme of death and resurrection growing within it I would create a sculpture based on what was going on within the piece. I created a angel like creature made from shoulder bones of a lamb and had it in the middle of the piece. After I added my piece people started dripping different  colours over it which I felt was important for me to accept as it was a collaboration piece.
It also give me ideas on how to add different colours to my work in further development through my subject work.

The opening night

IMG_0347IMG_0167This night was such a nervous experience for me as it was a chance for people to see my work in an artistic “gallery-like” setting with other artists from my year. The lightening of the pieces I had in the exhibition was eerie as I anticipated and the shadows captured the darkness of the subject matter of the piece.IMG_0170

IMG_01e66With these sculptures I was exploring the human condition and how we may feel instead of how we look. I have been interested in the stages of metamorphosis that create man into beast. In this mythical context I desire to find the truth within this of how we become beasts enclosed within our own unique mental states. During investigating this through my sculptures I want to find an understanding of the mental body and how we feel being encapsulated within the bodies we are bound to.

Overall I feel this experience had help me in understanding how to set up an exhibition for the public. I learnt the importance of getting my work out of the studio and into the eyes of the public to get my work known a bit better by others. I am more confident in myself and my subject matter after this experience as the subject matter engaged the audience and made them question my abstract beings and paintings. IMG_01632

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