Berlinde De Bruyckere

20110317011014_berlinde_debruyckere_marthe_colourBerlinde De Bruyckere is an artist I admire as she creates these fleshy beings from wax,wood, horse skin and hair. The way she uses dead trees and branches in her work and makes them have a sense of life really interests me and influences my work. I really like the way the skin is in some way cold and fragile looking with veins and details within it really gives the texture of human skin which is something I also want to achieve within my work.

Her meaning behind the work relates to the human state and our mental state emboding our emotions of how we feel making them visual. She also doesn’t see the heads, features or gender are necessary to potray the mental state of a being. she talks about two beings becoming one and how people grow into one another i really love the way she shows this in her work. She has also made me realise that22530b emotional impact can be achieved through sculpture as much a paint, sometimes even more so. Looking at these pieces are like looking at a moment in your life as a human I instantly connect to them in their vulnerable state. They look so brutal and colds but they really grasp my attention and open my eyes to how fragile and vinerable we really are to moments that happen within our lives.


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