Hermann Nitsch

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1383171_815568088510784_2981907795712230469_nWe were given the task to create a performance in our groups by an artist that we like that uses performance within their work. Our group all agreed that we would do a performance based on the work of Hermann Nitsch. Nitsch’s work refers to the intensifying of the human existence. He uses his work to alert you to the present and your living state at this moment in time insead of drifting off thinking of the future. His work is quite shocking using dead animals, blood, nudity and violence within his work. I feel the use of shock within his performances is effective to achieve the feeling of living even though he may be interpreting death and sacrifice. We all felt quite empowered by his1506919_815568038510789_2556224780744781087_n (1) work within the group so when it came to perform the piece we were all within the mental state of how sacrifice and blood was important to interpret. Kirstin, a girl from our group volunteered to become one we were sacrificing as she was nude and painted black to add to the shock factor of the piece. We only used colours that represented blood of crimson, brown and cambium red. When we performed it we all as a group were acting to the aggression within us, We attacked Kirstin with the red paint and then started attacking the walls rubbing the paint into them scratching it off, throwing it around being in that frame of mind that all control was lost from your body. I felt in that moment of throwing the paint and scraping into it aggressively that it could have been the blood of someone I hated or infact the blood from myself coming out of me and out of my body exploding onto the paper around me. I instantly gained pleasure from doing this performance as it felt that I was releasing built up anger through my body onto the paper.

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