Painting from a Height

10305433_10202005562740949_7570500646255734496_n10313667_10202005471978680_8384299424682763680_nIn this lesson we threw different of colours of paint down onto the paper from a height letting the paint explode on the page as it fell.I felt that this was very freeing and very hard to control what marks were made but in a way I liked the idea that the paint decided what way it wanted to fall in relation to the way my body moved the bucket. I felt there was a sense of freedom with doing this as there was no right or wrong way I could drop the paint as gravity would decide the way it fell and it was not in my control the paint was given a life of its own to act like paint. Our group chose red, black and purple and all of us had a colour each to drop. I found that the way the colours fought with eachother and blended in other areas was really interesting as the painting progressed with many different layers forming a blood-like stained sheet. Overall the outcome I feel came out aggressive and quite visceral.

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