Repetition with Graphite

Today we were given the task to stand around a table with paper and two pieces of graphite, one in each hand, to stay silent and were given commands to draw a line vertically, horizontally, Diagonally, and many other ways with our right, left or both hands until we were told to stop. The page started building up lots of layers of graphite until the marks made were indistinguishable to each other. Not being able to talk and we were only allowed to concentrate on what we were doing became boring, my mind kept drifting off to other ideas and things I was doing later on that day. I felt like the repetition was like being in school and taking notes from a teacher speaking but not really thinking about what was happening in that moment. I started to get angry as repetition felt tiring and worthless. I felt this task helped me realise how process is just as important as the product at the end and also it made me feel restricted as I felt like when I was in school being forced to make these restricted marks. the marks I made were over marks I created before covering them completely by the end of it I felt drained after performing this task  as I let my aggression come out through the lines. I also grew an acceptance of time during it and how not knowing when it would end and being within the moment without being distracted within moments of the piece made me come to the realisation that I can go through time without feeling or thinking I do this alot, I don’t live in the now i am always thinking of what is going to happen in the future without appreciating what is occurring in the present.

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