Photoshop Edits


highlander-3-hole-balaclavaThese images are ones I took from images of the troubles in my home town of Belfast. Growing up in an environment that still to this day fights and protests over religion was quite a strange one my parents took me away from Belfast to a town called Bangor but I still traveled to Belfast regularly to see my grandparents so I got to see some of what was happening but my parents would keep me away from knowing so I wouldn’t grow up prejudice against the other religion. As I grew up I began to understand more about what was happening but it made me angry that nothing has really been resolved since the troubles. These pieces I am using my grandmothers skin and using it to cover the peopleTroubles or signs of people. Skin is a sign of identity so I wanted these to symbolise that we are all of the same flesh no matter how we were brought up we all belong to the same species, we should look out for one another rather than attack and slaughter each other. I think the most effective edit I have done is the one I made a balaclava out of skin. I really like this one because the balaclava is supposed to cover your identity in order to commit crimes without leaving any evidence of identification but I really like the skin on it as it deconstructs it as putting on a layer of skin which you can be identified by. As I feel we are all one flesh, this is relevant, that no matter what religion you are it doesn’t give you the right to hurt the other religion no matter what they have done to you.

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