More Bone Sculptures


After boiling another batch of bones. I wanted to try with another composition to make more of a flesh texture with them to give them a more visceral quality. Although the bones were smaller than my other batch I really liked using the different types of bones from the ribs and legs of the animal. I used more yellow and oranges in this one and many more different layers of wax dripped over so there was several layers of colour. When I started working into the wax in detail with a heat gun it had so much more colour to it and as it melted away the flesh looked more burnt and scorned like really blotchy or burnt skin. I think experimenting with the different layers of brighter colours, let me develop a more meat like quality which I want to develop further by experimenting with this layering technique.

I really like this composition because it is like one being is holding onto the other and not letting go, the other is forced to carry the weight of the other person as their skin has grown into the other. This reflects relationships where you felt like you couldn’t be apart from the other person and that you grow into one another and adapted as one.

IMG_20141028_125623740IMG_20141028_133143352IMG_20141028_151627556   IMG_20141028_145226307

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