Self Reflection

Scan0002Scan0006Scan0003Scan0004Scan0005With my anamorphic people I have been discovering through my imagination and unconsciously drawing them on paper without even thinking about composition. I  believe Illustrating two bodies instead of one in most of my recent pieces is because I have discovered a loneliness within myself. I have started to understand why people need another being with them. Loneliness may be a factor but I have seen that being one person with no connections makes you unstable.We need another human being to validate our existence. We need to be known and loved to have an identity,no one exists if they are alone, no one is remembered if they are alone.human beings have to be validated by another human being or beings to be known and remembered within the world. I believe that the purest form for temporarily validating your existence is through being intimate with someone close to you. This connection, feeling of being alive, of living and not just existing is something I am trying to solidify within my sculptures and paintings.

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