Bone Sculpture Continued

After making one of my morphed people out of wax I started working on the next body to add to it. I wanted this body to be close to the other body I made as if they were hanging on to them. I only had one bone left so I used this bone for the torso and I used mod-roc to sculpt the arms and legs making the arms connect to the torso of the other being. After this I poured melted waxs over both of them over and over again until they were securely locked to eachother’s bodies then I started to add the coloured wax and adding layers of wax so you can see the colours underneath the more transparent layers. After I finished pouring the wax over the sculpture I got a heat gun and erased the evident drips and melted specific parts I didn’t want to keep and others I wanted smoothed out. Overall I am satisfied with the result of the flesh like texture on the bones. I took the composition of the bodies from one of my paintings because I thought it captured someone caring someone who has been injured but it could also be perceived as someone crawling away from a lover that wont let go from the body of their loved one, or the memory of their lover.

IMG_20141014_151911414 IMG_20141014_151922234 IMG_20141015_144102944 IMG_20141015_153301963 IMG_20141015_153308838 IMG_20141015_163624555 IMG_20141015_170345946 IMG_20141016_121814621 IMG_20141016_154935051edit-sculpture

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