Life Drawing

IMG_20141013_170418346Today I went to life Drawing as I thought it would be relevant to my practice of illustrating the human form within my work. I went last week however I restricted myself to pencil and approaching it in a realistic, restrictive form. Today I went with my watercolour paint palette and painted in yellow ochre and burnt umber which wasn’t a conscious decision as I didn’t have time to build up flesh tones.On the body there was a yellow glow being reflected from the spotlight gliding on the surface of the body which made me more confident using such a bright colour which I normally never use for drawing. I think my life drawing today came out well and helped me with my observational skills of the body and will help me further my anamorphic body sculptures and paintings.

IMG_20141013_170139034 IMG_20141013_170155793 IMG_20141013_170208718

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