Experimenting with Watercolour and Gouche paints

watercolour2Today I wanted to use my morphed bodies and paint them in a looser way allowing the paint to move with the water on the page, letting it bleed and move freely across the paper instead of restricting it to see how this changes the outcome and overall look of these morphed flesh people. I wanted to give the paint some freedom and looseness as well as a transparency between layers as skin has, to see the colours underneath layers of paint as we can see the blueness of veins in our arms. I drew a rough outline of the shapes I wanted and then rubbed them out so I only had the imprint of where my pencil run on the page towatercolour guide me. I wanted to eliminate any pencil marks that would restrict my paint as I allowed it to go out of the imprinted line as it bled freely. overall I think they capture flesh in a minimalistic approach illustrating the connections between the two bodies.

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