Bone Sculpture

I recently went to the butcher to get some bones in order to build anamorphic bodies out of them and wax. He said he would give me bones every week if I come early enough on a Saturday. I got 6 joint bones off him this week and when I got home I started the long process of stripping the bone from the ligaments around them. I took all the excess meat I could off them with scissors and knives and then boiled them for 4 hours on a low temperature. Every 15 minutes I took the oils and bits of ligament off the top layer of the water as it floated on top of the boiling water after it is released from the bone so that i could then add more boiling water and dry the bone out from all the oils and fat within them. After boiling them I took them out and then any excess muscle around them had become looser and easier to slip off the bone. I washed the bones in bleach and then in soapy water to make sure they were clean and then cause they were really dry and brittle from the boiling process I moisturised them with shea butter to put some oils into them that won’t decompose the bone over time and help it retain strength. I left them overnight so the moisturiser would sink into them fully.


The next day I dried them and then tied five of them together with string to make a torso, two legs and two arms. them experimented with wax securing the bones together securely. I then started building up wax layers up just with melting candle wax and colouring it with adding crayon wax to the small boiling pan I was melting the candle wax in. It was really interesting melting the wax and dripping it over the bones and string it looked like as if i was building up a flesh like structure which I was happy I was achieving.

IMG_20141007_210126 IMG_20141008_180537887 IMG_20141008_181034155 IMG_20141008_184520320 IMG_20141008_190619836 IMG_20141008_194734553 IMG_20141008_194738526

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