Bodies of flesh


These Paintings I did before we were given our Brief however I feel that they can relate to the artwork I chose, Rodin’s “The clouds” because of the two forms embracing. When drawing figures I wanted to explore how I can create the Impact editedof the two figures like rodin did and artists have done before but make it more on the connection created rather than the appearance of the two figures.

With these abstract watercolours I wanted to capture ed4the minimal qualities of the body form and how bodies interact with each other .I didn’t feel the presence of the face or genitalia was necessary because I don’t feel they need Identities of any kind, they can be anyone we don’t need to know their physical features they are strands and lumps of flesh symbolising the human body. Both are blinded moving towards each other. My work with these beings has become very personal to the interactions and relationships that have been bonded and broken over ed3time. I have felt moments that have been perfect with another person feeling as if there is no one else existing other than this person however time has tarnished it,that moment was temporary however the experience and memory of these is solidified within my work. The memory of these interactions in my past are quite difficult for me but I do not want to beautify them I am documenting the emotion in its rawest form. Of two beings imprisoned my flesh communicating through their bodies. I am creating imagery that i feel symbolises the bonding of bodies that doesn’t have to be sexual but can be as if you are at one with this person for a permanent or temporary amount of time.

I don’t feel that gravity needs to be shown with these watercolours because its not the reality I am trying to capture its the feeling within and the symbolism of that bonding interaction with another. I liked using watercolours for these as it made them feel awkward in some ways, I didn’t try to control the watercolour as much as I used to try and control paint before I let them bleed together with the water in the page I wanted them to have their own life and own freedom like the two figures have in freely connecting with one another.

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