Subject Brief (Level 5)

IMG_20140930_132134173_HDRFor subject this year we are given the task to find an artistic artefact to base the first section of our work on. It has to be inspirational and we have to be able to come in contact with it whenever we want. So i took a trip to the National Museum. I looked around for sometime and looked carefully at objects, sculptures and the paintings around me. I came across a sculpture I really liked looking at which never caught my attention on previous trips to the museum. It is a marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin called “The Clouds” made around 1840-1917. There was something about this sculpture which intrigued me. It is of two women, one is represented as an angel embracing the other women.

When looking at this piece I couldn’t help but feel that both women are gaining comfort from one another, there is nothing that is going to break this moment they are having with one another, they are completely in their own space. Rodin has made this interesting by the way we can see the raw marble form framing the detailed sculpture of the two women, the way he IMG_20140930_132539436lets the two textures of the raw and refined work together creates a visual impact as we have two very distinct textures that we normally don’t distinguish asbeing complementary work very well in this sculpture.I feel the texture is illustrating by the refined sculpture as perfection of that moment of embrace in contrast to the raw marble qualities below portraying the harshness of reality that they will soon drift apart.

The title “The Clouds” lets us see this relationship between these two women completely differently to when the title isn’t known. I feel this title is making me see their relationship as temporary, they are two clouds coming together in that perfect moment of unison to then drift apart and fade as clouds do over time. This joining in unison i feel really relates to my work as it is a human experience that should be cherished no matter how long it occurs for.  To me personally this sculpture of these bodies are coming together to drift apart illustrates that nothing is ever permanent and we shouldn’t take moments like this for granted as they may never come again and all you will be left with is the memory of what once occurred.

To me Rodin is permeating the temporary of fragmented moments in time and to me this is a very interesting concept to relate back to my own practice and artworks.


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