Summer Work

10626809_10204084872176172_8171590230150458665_nThis summer mostly I have been working in the cinema in my local area. Working in such a busy environment let me observe people and the way they respond to certain things, I’ve seen first dates, families, kids groups, couples, teenagers, pensioners and people with special needs. It has made me really see people from a first-hand perspective. I can’t help but observe the sunburnt people coming in from the sun and seeing the different colours of skin. After a while I was tired and they all turn into just the same blob of organisms and cells walking up and repeating that same movie everyone else has been going to see. I’m repeating myself and repeating this same process over and over to different people it makes me question my own sanity at times, because I am not even looking at their faces or remembering them in any way because all I am doing is serving them. When I think about it, it’s quite sad but I think the way I am feeling about people now is the way many of us see people, we can’t hold every single person we see or talk to in our memory we can only mould them into people with our imagination as that memory has lost of them.


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