PDP- Reflection on Constellation

I found Constellation really interesting this year, as we got to see different lecturers talk about different aspects of Art and Design. It has been exciting to learn a different key element of Art and Design in lectures each week as none of them were the same. As a Fine artist I found a lot of the lectures relevant to my work as it helped me further my understanding on key artworks, and also on my perception of things. I really enjoyed Cath Davies lecture in particular as it talked about fashion and the meaning about the Doc. Martin boots in culture today and in history. She talked about branding and how it adds a statement to the boots giving them an added cultural meaning in visual and material culture. She went into detail into how Doc. Martin boots can give you an individual fashion and political statement which made them more meaningful as material things tell stories and when you buy them, you buy a piece of that object, a memory or buying the story objects have. I really enjoyed how she made a pair of shoes and their history interesting and deep within meaning, changing my perception of them.

For my essay options and Constellation groups I could pick, I was going to choose Cath Davies, however as amazing as her lecture was, It I felt had no relevance to those like me who paint so I decided to pick Dr. Martyn Woodward, he wasn’t in previous lectures in former terms, however his proposal for what we would be looking at was really interesting as it was on Embodiment and Unseen forces we do not see occurring. I really loved my weeks in Constellation when I picked Martyn Woodward as every week he opened our minds to new ideas and different ways in which to look at things and discover a deeper, more significant meaning within artworks. In the first week we looked at how the expression of line could portray a different emotion within an artwork and how it the thickness, speed and structure of how the line is produced could change the way in which we view artworks. I really enjoyed his lecture on week four as it really resonated with me. We looked at unseen forces within the world around us and the idea that we are connected to the world around us. We looked at work from Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s essay Eye and Mind” and I did some further reading into the essays of Merleau-Ponty after this lecture. We looked at how the flesh of the body extends into the flesh of the world and how painting is a process of capturing forces we cannot see however we can feel happening. I learnt from this week that the task of painting is to render visible and this made me look into the work of Edvard Munch. Edvard Munch I felt within his words and artworks he describes similar forces to that of Merleau-Ponty’s portrayals of our connection to the world around us. I began to look at Hidden forces we cannot see occurring like gravity. I investigated gravity by dripping watercolours from the top of the page to the bottom. Drips on the surface moved down the page if I tilted it vertically this had already been investigated by others and in some ways didn’t interest me as much after I experimented with it, so I decided to look into more physiological forces instead of scientific forces. I questioned the force of eye contact and how it has a fix on your body when someone makes eye contact with you. Eye contact can say emotions feelings of someone in ways in which words can’t. I looked into the work of Edvard Munch, specifically his work he created with people making eye contact within them. In these pieces he described eye contact as “tiny threads” going from each of the figures eyes connecting them together. He paints these fine threads in his work, that idea of creating these forces seen in his art really intrigued me in how he changes our perception of how we, as an audience, react to these invisible forces.

I really enjoyed developing my essay and developing new ways of perceiving forces of human connections. It made me as an artist, more open to illustrating these forces in my artwork. Constellation has really helped me as an artist look into artworks from a more physiological point of view, and has made me open to new theories and ideas in which I can bring to my future artworks. Martyn Woodward’s lectures every week captured my imagination and made me perceive the world and embodiment in slightly different ways each week. I have learnt a lot within each week of constellation and with embodiment and the unseen, it made me as an artist want to explore deeper within these paths of perceiving art from this deeper much more meaningful view.

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