Evaluation of Field Work

For this project of “The City” I explored the power and influence the city has on us as human beings, and how advertising can manipulate our thoughts. I initially looked at WWII, propaganda within Germany and how people were treated in concentration camps. I looked at the way in which prisoners lost control of their lives due to those in power. I explored subliminal messaging within my work that made me realise that advertising, like propaganda in WWII, can change our perception of right and wrong. Advertising can manipulate men into wanting a product on an advertisement because they are sexually attracted to the women placed beside it. The woman in this sense, has become an object of his desire controlling him to think if he buys this product he can get a piece of this woman in the advert.

Looking at power and control within my work, I explored advertising that has created women into these objects of men’s desires. This made me want to look into how they perceived right from wrong. The models in adverts are inviting them in to look at women in this way. With this in mind I wanted to illustrate the ways in which women could lose control of their lives, due to men who have been brainwashed into thinking it is appropriate to undress a woman with his eyes in an advertisement so he would think that he can control this woman in any way he wants even through rape.

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