Final Paintings of Rape

IMG_20140430_201255821These pieces I did over a series of time by mark making and using oil paints and Alkaflow to give a glossy layer to the surface of the paint. Oils were quite challenging as I have never used them before but I have grown to love them, the way they sit on the canvas surface is so beautiful and DSCF0155blended so well unlike the plastic look acrylic gives. Each of these pieces have some form of sexual act going on from within them, every single piece has a rape scene melting through the mark-making of the background. I was influenced greatly by the work of Cecily Brown and her use of mark making. With my mark making most of them are short marks made on to the surface using warm colours of pink, red, orange, purple and so on. I wanted to blog about them on the same post because they all have the same feelings within each of them. I thought cautiously as I let my figures melt into the background, some are more evident what is happening than others but all contain forced sexual acts of rape. Rape I was looking at because advertising changes our perceptions of what we see as right or wrong as I have wrote about before in other posts. These pieces I looked at the colours and marbling of Bacon, Gammon, ham, steak  and

DSCF0151any other pink meat I could find in the fridge to give the look of flesh. Raw meat helped me pick my palette of colour I chose for most of these pieces. I enjoyed creating these marks and building them up over each other letting them melt together to form this meat like quality. Most of the figures I used one colour which was lighter or darker than the background to create them and make them melt within the background whichever way the paintbrush let me to go so. All these paintings are very two dimensional with no use of shadow just blobs of colour to emphasise a rape or something horrible occurring. I looked at IMG_20140430_201540722the work of Kara Walker and the way she only shows shadows of people on her white walls, it is very two dimensional but it really does makes an impact. I really liked this idea of having it flat in contrast to my dolls because not only does the colours appeal to the viewers eye as sweet and innocent, but when they see the characters emerging from within the background it makes something that is sweet into something rotten and disgusting making them question why they enjoyed it in the first place, in the same way as how if they could see what advertising does in manipulating them, changing their perception they would think more cautiously of what is influencing their thoughts and they may see women as humans instead of objects in advertising. 
photo 4 (18)photo 5 (12)

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