Rape Doll Series

IMG_20140430_201342300For my final piece that is influenced by my group work I have decided to work in 3D creating more dolls and having them as a series of pieces. Group work has influenced me as our theme was influence and control and by looking at ways in which we could be controlled by what we eat, with this in mind I wanted to look at influence and control but within advertising and subliminal messaging throughout the city and how the perception of good and bad has changed due to being manipulated by advertising. These dolls to me are a memory of childhood and this world of imagination we created around dolls with playing with them and giving them a life as children. I feel this childlike to my dolls but there is a guilt behind me having this feeling as I feel that something is wrong with me enjoying these dolls as they are doing horrible sexual acts. There is memory of childhood enjoyment and a guilt for enjoying dolls which are not for children. I created these dolls so when someone else looks at them they have this response.

The other two couple of dolls I used actual doll parts and disfigured them by melting them and burning them with a heat gun to illustrate how advertising has disfigured people’s perception of what is right and what is wrong. For me these dolls are another form of drawing I can stitch them and create them in any way I want as an artist even how I can control the situations I put them also can be evident within them as I was the one who made them rape each other. However this is a response I had to  how advertising objectifies women, men can wear the product they buy so they are buying the women in the advert to wear also, this product will get them this object-women if you buy this product.

IMG_20140430_201323074IMG_20140430_201314769These dolls I gave him real dolls arms and for the woman I gave her melted legs and a doll head, I sewn on breasts and genitals onto both and then made my sculpture through swinging them untidily together. I then wanted to show pain in a different way in this piece so I god strings of wool and died it read and sewed these strings onto her genital area like strawberry laces you buy in a sweet shop to represent blood coming from inside of her and the forcefulness of the man who is raping her.


IMG_20140430_201328740IMG_20140430_201335328These dolls have melted pieces from the same doll. The male has melted legs and the woman-doll has the melted torso. This piece was really fun as I wanted to make it out of proportion. The woman-doll has longer arms than the man I wanted to play around with how I could show pain again but in the expression of the woman forced down on all fours to take whatever she is given by the forceful man-doll. I started to sew singular blue threads to the centre of her eyes and let them hang to the table, I kept on putting single threads into her eyes until I was satisfied that they represent the floods of tears the woman-doll is producing from this amount of pain the man-doll is causing her.


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