My Dolls

The dolls I have made are made from tights stuffed with newspaper and cotton wool. I gave them faces by stitching them on with my bad stitching skills however I think my bad stitching gives these dolls a more naive quality. I gave them genitals and made the male doll rape the female doll by sewing him on top of her by his genitals to hers. When I made this piece it was like I was creating images from my head on to these dolls. I am really happy with the outcome of my first rape scene made from dolls as there is no love involved, no joy but a child-like pain, and a obscure violent scene for dolls to be in as dolls are these pretty playful things. But there is nothing happy about these dolls I have made there is no love between them. I really do love making dolls and using my influence of Jose dos santos I can thought provoke my audience in the way he does with his dolls. Their expressions on their faces are dazed he really doesn’t care what he is doing to her as long as he is having fun she isn’t important to him, she is his plaything. She has no control. she is his doll he can manipulate and control in any way he wants.

DSCF0124 DSCF0128

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