Painting Technique Pieces


DSCF0197These two large paintings I did in oil colour. As these were my first large scale experiment with oils. I wanted to look at blended soft backgrounds in comparison to unblended harsh marks left on a canvas. I enjoyed painting both as both I had to adapt very different techniques.For the blended one I used more lighter and fresher tones to create an innocence within the paint in comparison to the subject matter I was painting. This piece had a surrealistic quality about it that I liked seeing the figures fading into the background as if they are connected to the background by their skin I made me want to try making the figures fade in the background of my unblended experiment. The unblended piece was interesting as I attacked the canvas with colours and jagad brush strokes as well as blending the figures into the background by making marks on top of them. This piece I enjoyed more to create as I was giving the paint and brush strokes of energy I lost control of my painting techniques with piece as a rape victim loses control of herself when the rapist takes control.

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