Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown’s work has influenced me quite a lot to do what I am trying to say in my work with the use of mark making instead of a realistic approach. Her work illustrates people having sex and doing other sexual acts, however she does this in a quite interesting way she makes her figures in her paintings connect to the environment around them which she creates which is in some ways abstract. She creates an energy within her work which feels alive and a movement within the way the paint is placed on the surface and the palette of colours of which she chosen in the painting reacts instantly to the eye. Her range of colours she uses are mostly from skin colour to red creating sometimes this meat like texture. She does something within her work that makes me as an artist excited, she brings her work to life and in some ways eliminating shamefulness and bringing sexual acts to life in the painting mot by the figures but by her brush strokes. The energy of her brush strokes are alive, bold and confident, these brush strokes make us feel the energy she is showing us without even seeing the figures, the figures only show it is a sexual energy she is capturing. For me her work has inspired me to try mark making more in my work as realism pieces do not justify what I am trying to get across in my work, I want people to enjoy my work and feel the energy I have put into each piece but also feel like what they are looking at is wrong. Unlike Brown’s work I want to use this technique  to capture something slightly different, yes i want that energy and for my palette of colour to be kind to the eye, however I want to engage my viewers into feeling that this energy is not a kind energy I am creating, but making them visualise the pain of losing control of yourself and someone dominating you.BROWNpucemomentBCR0003tumblr_m86zchiAgj1qdki6xo1_1280

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