Why I put dolls within my art

Dolls for me are symbolic of childhood and of playing, creating this world of your own imagination. However when I think of dolls I see them as these past childhood memories when we as people used to have naive ways of thinking as children. Dolls like people can be manipulated, controlled, ordered what to do and can be damaged and broken. No one would miss a doll if it was gone, Most children forget the toys they once owned and loved. They are pieces of plastic that can be melted down and made into something else so easily without no emotional attachment towards them. What I am trying to say is that dolls are treated like some people and some people are treated like dolls. People have sex dolls which they have sex with and after they have finished with them they can disregard them as if they never existed,women these days are like these sex dolls. Looking at subliminal messaging it made me realise how women are viewed as these objects and when men buy the product they are selling in advertising it is like the men are buying her, they are buying a product that would give them the power to get someone like her because they bought it and she was beside the product. Like dolls, these women in advertising are making it ok for men to look at women as object they can manipulate, break and disregard. Sex today is like Sex dolls the men can  disregard a sex doll as well as they can disregard a one night stand. Society today makes me feel sick at the fact that it is ok for men to treat women as if they are objects to them due to subliminal messaging and advertising we no longer have identities, no one wants to know anyone for their personality because everyone is in this tunnel vision of what beauty is and women will do anything men want even change their whole identity almost to be noticed as perfect and beautiful. 884400328

I use dolls in my art because it has this naive child like look making people feel that they could be cute but what they are doing is not. My male dolls are rapists, they enjoy nothing better than manipulating, controlling, abusing and stealing power from women. My dolls show this loss of control i have been looking at right through this theme of the city, this loss of control that these women, like in WWII with Jewish people, do not have control of what is happening to them. these playful plush dolls are not lovable. Love doesn’t exist anymore, Society, the city and advertising killed it and all we have left is women reaching for this ideal look for false hope for a man to fall for her looks instead of herself. She dresses like a slut so he is obviously doing to treat her like a slut. she has no control on how she will be treated.

My dolls are representations of how subliminal messaging and advertising has changed males perception of right and wrong thinking it is ok to use women like dolls that adjust them to his every needs and are disposable and replaceable to him.

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