Jose Dos Santos

dos_santos_1_200x323Jose Dos Santos is an artist that created sexual dolls from wood and cloth. His Hand cut wooden dolls are crafted from the resources he has collected within his lifetime, some have actual ligaments from childrens dolls and a lot of his dolls have genitals. His dolls are quite thought provoking and confusing but they are mainly like characters from his imagination he creates to come alive in his work. I really like his work because it is not only obscure but it was powerful to me as it changed my perception of art. He has influenced my work alot and has made me realise that I can create pieces from things I collect, unlike painting i can create dolls that do not have to be realistic but have more of a connection with its audience because of its naive function of a doll. He is very clever in how he captures the innocence of a doll however gives it genitals and sexual positions giving his pieces a naughty twist to them. These dolls resinate to me as a viewer, as a moment of childhood and this world of imagination we created around dolls with playing with them and giving them a life as children. I feel this childlike response as a viewer however there is a guilt behind me having this feeling as I feel that something is wrong with me enjoying these dolls as they are doing horrible sexual acts. There is memory of childhood enjoyment and a guilt for enjoying dolls which are not for children. I want to create dolls which have this very same response when someone else looks at them.


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