This piece is a large scale piece that I painted back In Northern Ireland over Easter. It was an experiment I was doing to see how mark making could change the atmosphere within painting. I drew two Men raping women loosely onto paper using my imagination of the women trying to escape but are stuck to the men as if their were play-doh people that have merged and cannot be separated I first painted a green layer and then I painted different marks of flesh colours, I looked at pieces of meat in the fridge to help me get my palette correct. I got so frustrated with this piece because no matter what marks I was doing it wasnt showing this aggression I wanted. I done this piece late at night after fighting with a family member in the garage and attacked the paper with acrylic paint not caring for my palette just attacking the paper with colours I had out from the previous day. Painting usually calms me down from turning into the character Carrie from the Stephen King novel “Carrie”, DSCF0162but I was in no state of mind to calm down. Eventually after running out of paint I went to bed and when i got up the next morning to view it in the daylight I really liked it. The marks I made i found interesting because I wasn’t over thinking them like I was before. Overall I really enjoyed making this piece and it made me want to explore mark making within painting in more depth.

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