Something I have been recently looking at in my work is power and control and looking at that within a city environment with the use of subliminal messaging within advertisements. Rape is not about sex but about power and control. When you see sexual images of women in adverts or on TV they are mostly seen as objects that we are supposed to think of as desirable. Rape is making a mental act of looking at an advertisement and to be sexually aroused by this stranger. Rape is something very powerful in imagery and may be quite painful for viewers to look at, that is why I am doing work around rape on a rather naive way of making dolls and paintings that are of appealing colours to make the viewer enjoy the artwork initially, but feel a form of guilt from liking it.

Dolls in Relation to Rape

The reason why I am using dolls to illustrate rape scenes is because dolls are apart of childhood and of a way of thinking like a child. I want my viewers to want to look at my dolls and feel as if they were a child wanting to play with them. However, when viewers look closer I want them to question what in their minds is this rape really happening or is it their imagination creating this perverted image. I love the naive way in which dolls can change our perception on a horrible act that is traumatizing but within this context looks “cute” and “innocent”.

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