Anselm Kiefer

kiefer26Anslem Kiefer was a post war artist using the negative energy left from the war to produce his pieces. He used  strawashclay, lead, and shellac to create his work, using imagery that resonates from The Holocaust. He uses influences of Nazism and the dark era of WWII. His work has evident texture within it creating surfaces as he used dry flowers and broken glass in his work. His art is solemn and captures you instantly with its raw quality it has using dark, harsh surfaces and colours creating a cold atmosphere. His use of scale was also empowering grasping the viewers even more with its large scale it grasps you into the work to face the reality and mournfulness tones he wants us to feel. For me his piece called “Iron Path” resonated with me most as his texture is cold and unappealing, as if there is no growth of any vegetation in this landscape as it all looks as if it is decaying. The railway tracks are the main focus of this painting instantly making us think that these tracks are leading to a concentration camp or some type of death camp from The Holocaust.  The tracks split off into two ways at the end giving this sense of false hope that they couldn’t chose their own path to follow they had no control over this brutal ending.

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