Pierre Molinier

Pierre Molinier is an artist I saw the work of at the Venice Biennale this year. His 54_molinier_autoportrait_au_tabouret-67work which were highly erotic with a surreal quality about them. From what I have about him, he seemed to be a quite disturbed and troubled artist. I think his art is enjoyable for me but I am also unnerved by his work it is brutal and burlesque-like. He mostly uses himself in his work photographing himself dressed up as a female but wearing a mask that looks like a woman with heavy makeup on. It is quite eerie that he wears this mask because it has the same expression throughout his work. Him dressing up as a transvestite with this same expression on the mask, is illustrating this hidden identity that he wants to take on a completely different character and a different personality of this erotic female figure, that could be wanted or more attractive than him.  His photography is mainly in black and white giving it this old look about the pieces and the use of photo manipulation within his work gives it this surrealistic quality, which adds to the disturbing atmosphere which his work creates.  I take from his work that he wants to be viewed as an object for men, he wants to be wanted in this erotic way within his work. His pieces you may not know it is a pierremale instantly this would be quite hard for maybe male viewers that enjoy the work originally, but when they find out it is a man they may feel guilty and tricked into homosexual thoughts. I think his work is dark but playful inviting us in to enjoy this sexual fantasy he is putting in front of us, and wanting us to enjoy the darkness sexual acts can have. His work for me is really intriguing as it invited me in as a viewer and makes me play with his fantasies within myself.

Pierre_Molinier._Grande_Melee._1968._16x225cm_coll.mmd Pierre_Molinier_gbvo_13

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