Kohei Yoshiyuki

Kohei Yoshiyuki is a phkohei_yoshiyuki_untitled_1971otographer I seen the work of  at the Venice Biennale who takes photos of people engaging in sexual activities within a park. His work is quite strange as it looks like what he was showing us was actually happening, and he caught this on his camera walking past in this park with his flash on. These images are very intriguing as they make you as a viewer instantly question what is happening in this photo, you won’t be told the whole story in his photographs, you are given this image and as a viewekohei-yoshiyuki-untitled-plate-16-from-the-park-photographs-silver-printr can depict from your imagination what is happening It is like you know what is happening but you feel guilty for thinking that. His photography has this CCTV like feel to it as if the people within the image don’t know they are being viewed and captured in these images. His work has a sense of obscurity and strangeness giving us a fracture of the story of what is happening, and he makes us assume that these sexual acts are happening. In most of his images the women 4412_1000are submissive to the men, the men are in control in all what is happening in these photos, The women are the pleasure toys of men. He gives us this idea that men can get away with anything in the dark.


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