Cathy Wilkes

Cathy Wilkes is an artist I saw the work of at the Venice Biennale, Her installations are usually of domestic tasks women take on within the family. Her work involves sometimes female mannequins beside things like kitchenware and furniture.  Her work mainly reflects her experience in motherhood. Her work has something that you cannot see within it. It is like a figment of a story that we as viewers fill in the gaps and connect to the piece with personal memories we have had that compares to what she is putting in front of us. In her work she sometimes attacks her mannequins with abstract oil painting, however the objects of everyday life that women have to look at every day is evident with things like washing lines, kettles, teapots, teacups and many more. Her idea that women are given these everyday burdens and are to take on the roles of a living wife or mother caring for those around them without complaint. Her work often shows white old mannequins with no expression or faces, to me this captures a sense of loss, emptiness and coldness I feel within them.


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