Group Work, The Final Edits


These are the final edits of the photos I took of the dinner table we as a group set up. I photoshopped them into different places to change the perception of the dinner table. In my first edit I wanted to put the dinner table in a typical dining room within a home, I did this because I wanted to show the dinner table in its own environment making it look in some ways inviting to the viewer, however the symbolism of the wires is anything but inviting, they controlling and manipulating the people who consume them.

The second edit I did with one of the members of our group pretending to eat in it. This one I wanted to make it quite dark and we all agreed on what we wanted for the backgrounds of each edit. He is eating the wires, the puppet strings show that he has no control in what he eats and forced to eat the wires which are placed in front of him.

Overall I believe when we finally got the use of working in a group it worked really well. We would have liked to have made an installation however we didn’t have enough time to. I think we did justice to our idea of consuming food that controls and manipulates your thoughts. These ideas I have come across in my group work I believe will influence some DSCF0060of my own work, as this idea of losing control and not being in power of yourself is something that really intrigues me as an artist.

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