Paula Rego

Paula Rego uses thought provoking imagery within her work that makes her audience question what is happening. She gives us a scene from a story on a canvas, and as viewers we can use our imagination to really question and think about what is happening within her work. Her pieces may also involve a sexual tension within them showing females mostly as the dominant to males. Her work is quite powerful in giving us this fraction of the story and making us react to what is happening by using subtle obscurities within her work. For me I find her quite an interesting artist as she said in a south bank interview I watched that she doesn’t use oil paints but mostly oil pastels because she likes to stab the characters she creates, she likes to injure them, this for me was intriguing as she is creating people and not figures, she is giving them life in her work. However I have found myself enjoying her latest works making sculptures from mixed media from her pastel work before, and creating the scene with these doll-like people. This other dimension for me I found more engaging as you can see the layers she is showing us, you can see the characters from different points of the room and see the overlap of stories going on within the piece. As I am a maker as well as a painter I can relate to the doll like people, as I am in some ways obsessed with dolls by illustrating my memories and feelings threw doll-like people.



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