Sex Dolls

download (1)Sex Dolls are Dolls used for sexual pleasures for men. I thinks they are interesting and illustrate not having any control. They just lie there with no movement and no control over what is happening to them. They really interest me this way because they are not human but are a dumb representation of a human woman, but plastic, bendable and moveable for pleasure for its owner to have sex with her. They are a man’s plaything that they can have their way with them. Their mouths fixed in a circle shape for him to put his penis into it whenever he wanted, forcing it down her throat,its only a doll after all he can push into her as head as he wants without choking her, suffocating her or damaging her jaw. For me dolls are symbolic of people so I could see sex dolls as dolls that will be raped and reproduced for mens pleasure. 93783209-police-rescueIllustrating that men are in control of these representations of  women. Women can be viewed as sex dolls as they are used like objects in advertising they are easily replaceable, disposable and generally weaker than men. Women are playthings like sex dolls and in todays society this idea of women is growing as skinnier is the new fashion, longer eyelashes, bright lipstick, tanned bodies all the same as if they are manufactured in the same factory looking like cartoon characters.

photo 1 (25)  This is a piece I did experimenting with drips and gravity dragging the paint down the page. I painted the sex doll face giving it an expression of dripping, melting plastic creating a sense of it crying from her plastic blue eyes, letting the paint move this way was interesting as it had a life of its own and painted itself.

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