Group Work, Creating Our final outcome

We got tgpmaking2gpmakingUntitled-4ogether this week with all the materials we needed in order to set up this dinner table. This week I went to the wood workshop and created a rectangular table that had legs of a traditional table, and the surface of the table was wavy in random points. I thought this would illustrate an imbalance in the self control of people from what they eat. We all stripped wires today and took the wires out of main wires to make spaghetti. Then we set it up putting a dinner cloth onto the table and then setting the table as if it was a real dinner table with cutlery, plates and glasses. we then placed all the wires onto the plates and then put some in the glasses, to add to the effect that they cannot get away from this control they are consuming. I then took photos at different angles and different lighting to see which would be the best for photo editing, including making some of the group members to sit at the table making them look as if they are eating at the table.

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