Nathalie Djurberg

Nathalie Djurberg creates ways in which she could give her viewers a playful and childish way of looking at her work, enjoying in this naive childlike state of mind. Her work is very playful made in plasticine you can see these cartoon like characters interact in her videos. She always makes it in some ways sexual and teasing for the viewer, but it deals with very dark issues of rape and ways in which women are sexualised. Very rarely are her women wearing clothes and when they do they are made to take their clothes off for the men. Rarely do you see the men characters take their clothes off, showing they have authority over the women and can do whatever they wish to them, they can touch them and do whatever they like with them as the women get no say in this matter, they are in some ways caged and could be chosen by the men, which woman they want to play with like some toy in a toyshop they are picking out to play with. This way in which she looks at sex really interests me as the women were never given a say they were objectified by men and in some ways she is making it more of a fact rather than an issue, she is making it playful and letting her viewers enjoy it instead of feel guilty for what is happening to these plasticine models.
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