Luc Thymans

Luc Thymans is an artist that mostly uses watercolour and washed down paints to create his paintings of portraits and places. His portraits have a cold feeling to them, as the way he applies the paint using watered down cold colours to capture a person within his work. There is nothing happy or cheerful about his work. The people he captures have a cold stare as if their eyes are glazed over with thinking about something, which is draining the colour from within them. My favourite piece of his is the Gas Chamber based on the Nazi concentration camp, Dachau. The lack of colours used makes this piece mournful and cold. The use of grey shadow blocks and black doors give the painting a darkness and a feeling of no escape from within it. Even as a viewer I find no comfort from this piece but I am fixated by it as simplistic as it is it makes you feel as if you are there with no escape or control, as the lack of colour to me shows the lack of life and this feeling of uncomfortable loss of life.images (2)

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