John Currin

John Currin is a painter that I admire as he looks at ways in which renaissance artists painted nude women, but he distorts this into sexual fantasy. He changes old style paintings of nude women and makes them in some ways pornographic and giving them a sexual disturbance about them. In “Honeymoon Nude” has a cold empty expression on her face and her whole body shows a quite chilling moment of stillness. She in some ways looks cartoon like with balloon shaped breasts and big eyes looking away. This painting isn’t just a copy of the renaissance style of illustrating a nude woman but is the embodiment of male fantasy emphasizing the narcissistic aspects of desire.

There is something about his work which is in some ways sexy but also creepy at the same time. He paints sexual scenes between people interacting in this way. In his piece “The Bra Shop” he illustrates two women measuring their breasts. His style of painting is kitsch and cartoon like in this piece. The women in this piece are fake, unnatural and in some ways visually appealing to society today, The bigger your breasts are the more male attention you will get. This painting is unrealistic but deals with how women want to be viewed and also what is beauty in todays society.

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