Louise Bourgeois


Louise Bourgeois is a favourite of mine as her work is so beautiful but also thought provoking. I love her pieces containing miniature doll-like people as they are so interesting. They are shown in a way that is quite unusual with glass around it as if it was an artifact from a museum, this way of showing her work gives it importance as much as an artifact would have This significant importance is quite powerful for the viewers engagement to the piece. She uses this  fabric that is pink and stitches small pieces of it to create this patchwork effect on the skin of the dolls. Her dolls are quite innocent and cute, however some of them are strange and obscure in what they are doing. Some are having sex, some are holding each other, another is getting shot with arrows. These scenes she creates are like memories of emotions I feel they, like the artifacts have had a past life and are significant in the way they make us look at human connections and invisible forces we have all experienced at some points in our lives, and in some ways have an emotional attachment to the pieces she is showing us.

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