Marlene Dumas

imagesMarlene Dumas it a painter, mainly in watercolour and inks who paints people within their environment. She has done work around women sexually playing with themselves, and also she has done paintings from the red light district in Amsterdam. Her paintings are sometimes translucent letting the paint bleed onto a wet surfaces making no sharp lines. Her paintings do not hold bold colour but, are images (1)more washed out fades of colour creating the portraits. Her work may not be realistic, however it holds something that a photograph can’t, it has this liquid quality to the surface that doesn’t let our eyes focus on the painting technique but only let our eyes focus on the subject matter of the work initially. Her sexual subject matter is interesting as it has this raw and natural quality to it, as it is painted with soft tones of colour that appeal to the eye.Her work sometimes have seductive qualities as the women Fig__4_Marlene_Dumas_The_Blondesometimes have a seductive look on their faces as if they want to be seen pleasuring themselves in this way, they want you as a viewer to interact with them. It seems to hold an engagement to me as a viewer because of the way she makes the women in control of their own sexual acts, they are not always relying on men to do it for them.

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