Painting Doll Pieces

photo 2 (18)With the techniques I learnt from my painting project I decided to try it out on canvas with a still life I set up at home. I bought some dolls from charity shops and broke them into pieces and made a pile of them on the floor. I then painted my first green layer and then with my other layers I let the green come through. I found that green is a good base colour to build flesh tones over. With this piece I wanted to explore ways in which I can use what i learnt in Berlin about concentration camps in my work but using symbolism to show it, so with the use of doll pieces i wanted to illustrate how people were mistreated in The Holocaust and how they had no control of their lives of what happened to them. With doll pieces it didn’t have to be gruesome that people wanted to look away from it is a piece that is supposed to raise questions as to why I was using dolls and what was the symbolism in dolls.

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