photo 4 (15)I have been trying collaging lately as a different technique to show subliminal messaging through my work. using faces and ligaments on top of paper with writing and then I sewed on top of all of it to give it a different outline. I really enjoyed working with different images i collected from old magazines and books and bringing them together to create a story of my own. I really loved making these pieces because there is no answer and no control within them. I sewed onto them giving them another level than just pictures stuck down. I liked the the shape which the pieces and photographs made on the canvas. Using the words of rape and beauty is doing photo 3 (18)what advertising does I am highlighting it in these words as rape is an ok and beautiful thing to do when it isn’t. Sex and ugly is showing that sex is something that both people have control of the situation, but in reality women have no control as today they are made sexual in advertising and men have all the say in buying the product that she is selling. In some ways I am trying to show that advertising is making people believe that they are buying the person in the adverts for themselves to take away, and get enjoyment out of this product as the women in the advert gives them sexual enjoyment.

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