Hannah Hoch

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Hannah Hoch was a collage artist and a member of the Dada movement, in which she created photomontages. Many of her political works from the Dada period equated women’s liberation with social and political revolution. I went to see her work in the Whitechapel gallery in London. A lot of her pieces I found quite small, but it was interesting because her pieces being this small were quite intimate and in some ways it made you feel like you are the only person viewing it at that one point in time, even if you weren’t. Her use of exaggerated scale is something that has on one side this light hearted, humorous feeling but it also has this serious and creepy element in some of her pieces. I really liked viewing her pieces with the use of cartoon with realistic photography and her use of words within her work, I may use collaging more after I seen her work because it is so interesting to view her work.

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