Painting Project 2 (Shaved Paintings)

This week we were asked to bring in a piece of wood to cut out a shape in order to paint on so we could experiment with paintings that are not  rectangular shaped as they normally are. It was interesting as everyone was cutting out the shape they were painting however I wanted to take a different approach to thphoto-1-(22)is so I drew and cut out a cartoon-like female torso in my wood. I thought it would be interesting to try and create scenes of violence on this sexy woman boddess to link into my work with subliminal messaging and how control is used. We again painted our first layer in green and then added on the colours after so the green would radiate through. I drew these images on initially of the swastika and within the bra section  I added two scenes of women being raped. I wanted to show this kind of imagery as showing how people would have been controlled in WWII and how some people could still be controlled today. I gave them no hair in reflection of  lost identity and the ways in which mens’ and womens’ heads were shaven in concentration camps. The boddess is a symbolism of subliminal advertising into making people want a product because they think they will get a little piece of the Women in the adverts that is selling it to them. I think the green underlayer gives it an illuminating feel to the colours of the flesh within the characters within this shaved painting and overall I really did enjoy trying this different way of  painting.

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