Sex and Art

With my art now I want to look at sex and how sex is used to sell things in advertising in subliminal messaging in everything. Sex is desirable and pleasurable so subconsciously we believe we will gain pleasure in what we are buying which is sold to us in this seductive way. With my art I want to look deeply at how I could make people feel this level of seduction that they want to look at my art whether it may be a nude woman or something that is arousing to the viewer and make them feel in some ways guilty for enjoying my work because there is something which is not so playful and seductive beneath the surface. I am looking at Nazism and trying to sell this because it is unsellable but at one stage in history masses of people bought into this lifestyle so I want to try ways in which I could make people enjoy images however them having a rather twisted meaning. I want to play with people’s minds when they look at my work I want them to be seduced by my work but then feeling guilty for liking it because it has a darker more sinister meaning behind it. I want them to feel in ways confused and have a growing awareness that something in my art is happening that is wrong no matter how beautiful it looks at first glance. I want to have an understanding as to how could I make people question their taste in art or their own self for liking something that is so unlikeable and is saying something.

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