Painting Project

We got to pick what we want to specialise our work in for our final piece. I chose paint because I wanted to learn different ways in which I can use layering as a way of creating a more intense and deeper feeling within a painting. James Green took the class and made us bring an 3D object and a 2D image. I brought a barbie doll that had been pulled apart into pieces with no hair and I brought my ipad with an image of the Jewish memorial site in Berlin I went to visit. I chose these objects as a reflection of those who lost their lives and were treated like the barbie doll which was in pieces. James made us set up a still life of the 3D and 2D objects and after drawing them he maphoto-1-(23)de us paint them in green shades. We could add colours to green to make it darker or lighter but the main colour had to be green. He told us that many artists do this method of painting a colour underneath in order to bring out certain colours within the paintings and illuminate them with the green underneath. This technique was really interesting to look at as it made me think about different ways of painting within my work to give it more of a life than if it was only a flat layer of paint on a surface.

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