Constellation week 4

    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one can see it, does it really fall?” 

This week was really interesting as it was to do with perception and how we perceive things. We looked at a film by Samuel Beckett (1968). He is being seen by something, he cannot escape from the camera and is responding to the environment, His movement run in counterpoint to the environment. Our bodies respond to an active environment.

“Can a forest paint itself?”

Andre Marchand “Forest” (1942)

Andre Marchand  felt the forest became apart of him, The trees spoke to him and seen him. This Idea really interested me as it illustrated that as artists we are not separate from the world we are connected it and it is connected to us. In the essay by Merleau-Ponty “Eye in Mind” he writes about how we are connected to the world, He quotes Paul Klee “Not to render the visible, but to render visible” This quote symbolises how artists do not illustrate what we already know and see, they render or make the invisible connections we have in everyday life visible. The world, environment and body is all made up of the same matter.

An Ecology of Mind

This idea that the mental world and the worlds information processing is not limited by the skin.



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